Twitch’s streamer’s subathon & Team Liquid signing ruined by emergency surgery

cdewx joins team liquidTwitch/cdewx

New Team Liquid star and Twitch streamer Cdew had his subathon cut short and celebratory day ruined after needing urgent surgery.

Cdew was in the midst of a huge subathon, in which fellow Twitch sensation Trainwreck added plenty of days to with a gigantic $7,500 donation.

While things were looking bright for the streamer, things got even better when he revealed he was joining Team Liquid’s new arena battle team for World of Warcraft.

Unfortunately, the streamer’s broadcast began to go horribly awry when he began feeling stomach pain so severe it forced him to rush to the emergency room at the hospital.

Team Liquid streamer’s subathon wrecked by appendicitis

After over three hours at the hospital waiting for a diagnosis, finally, Cdew was informed he had appendicitis and would require surgery.

“Doc recommends surgery, but I have the option to tread with meds and it’s a 50/50 I end up back in the hospital. Surgery scares me though and I’m alone and don’t wanna do it. I don’t know what to do,” he explained.

Eventually, however, he decided to go ahead with getting it done, but not without voicing his displeasure over how everything turned out.

“Still can’t believe how long I waited to announce joining Team Liquid and my day gets spoiled by this. It really makes me sad,” he said. “I decided to do the surgery, gonna be lonely in the hospital before and after but it’s the right decision.”

Luckily, his new team was right by his side with Team Liquid’s Guild replying, “You’re in our thoughts, wishing you a speedy recovery.”

Hopefully, surgery goes well for the streamer and he can get back to playing WoW and continuing his subathon without having to deal with any more stomach pain.