TwitchCon streamer reveals “badass” story of losing his arm

Twitch IRL personality ‘jaystreazy’ has been meeting people from all avenues of life, but was particularly intrigued by an Affiliate streamer who had a “badass” story of losing his arm.

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Hordes of fans and streamers have been converging onto San Diego for TwitchCon 2019, to meet, greet and grow their communities by mingling with other people with like-minded interests.

One of the greatest things about the convention is when smaller personalities get the spotlight on them as they come across a bigger channel’s streamer. These interactions can reveal the incredible lives of the people on the platform who might not have the biggest following on Twitch.

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jaystreazy TwitchUno_flex was super positive while recounting how he lost his arm.

That’s exactly what happened when Jay caught up with Twitch streamer ‘uno_flex’ who was waiting in line for a meet-n-greet with Dr Disrespect.

After getting to know uno_flex while waiting for the Doc, the conversation inevitably turned to the story of his missing arm which the streamer was more than comfortable delivering on.

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“I’d love to tell you, it’s so badass to tell,” uno_flex said to Jay after examining his insane tattoo of a dragon’s eye.

The streamer explained that he was three-and-a-half years old swimming in the shallow areas of a Maui beach when a Tiger shark had made its way up to him.

While he noted Tiger sharks aren’t known for their size, they are famous for their aggressive tendencies, which a young uno_flex unfortunately experienced that day.

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“(The Tiger shark) actually bit my arm right where your elbow bends,” he said. “(That’s) where the shark bit me on my arm, and he just took my arm clean off when I was three-and-a-half.”

An event like that would be traumatic for anyone to go through, but uno_flex is in high spirits since the streamer “would like to think” he remembers but isn’t exactly sure of how that day went down.

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As a one-armed streamer, uno_flex’s three-month-old Twitch channel shows him routinely destroying people in Fortnite games when he isn’t fighting for Azeroth as various Alliance classes.

Uno_flex has the charisma, talent and an incredible energy that will undoubtedly lead to a soaring Twitch career with the help of his “magical one-arm content.”

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