Twitch viewer reveals Hasan caused her breakup after boyfriend became “jealous” of him

Hasanabi mirror selfiTwitter: Hasanthehun

During a recent IRL stream, a fan approached Hasan and explained that her boyfriend broke up with her earlier in the year after becoming “a little jealous” of the Twitch star.

Since creating his Twitch channel in 2018, Hasan ‘Hasnabi’ Piker has flown to the top of Twitch — amassing over two million followers in just four years.

While Hasan does occasionally stream games and does IRL streams from places around the world, he’s most known for his Just Chatting streams where he talks about the latest political news with his community.

During one of his IRL streams, a viewer approached Hasan and revealed that the Twitch star caused her boyfriend to break up with her after he became “jealous” of Hasan.

Twitch viewer reveals boyfriend was jealous of Hasan

On September 10, 2022, Hasan was IRL streaming in New York City when a fan approached him to ask if she could tell him something weird.

“My ex-boyfriend broke up with me in January and your stream was playing in the background as he was breaking up with me so I had to quietly mute the stream… I quit watching you for a little bit. Sorry,” she revealed.

Hasan asked: “He didn’t break up with you because he was like ‘f**k this socialist guy, I hate it’?”

The fan explained that her ex-boyfriend was a bit jealous of Piker — and it influenced the breakup.

“Oh, he did, okay. Well, he wasn’t the one then,” Hasan replied.

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