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Twitch users hit out at jacuzzi streams for “sexualizing” women

Published: 29/Mar/2021 17:27 Updated: 30/Mar/2021 12:05

by Lauren Bergin


When it comes to Twitch, there’s a whole host of weird and wonderful content at your fingertips. Jacuzzi streams have gone viral recently, in turn promoting other forms of hot tub streams on the platform.

Recent global travel restrictions certainly have people behaving in ways they normally never would. With viewership up on Twitch, broadcasters are finding all-new ways to keep their viewers entertained.

Enter the polarizing jacuzzi streams, which are exactly as they sound. Featuring users chilling in hot tubs, the idea has come under fire from personalities such as QTCinderella, who believes that they encourage and promote sexism.


Pool streams slammed by fans

xoaeriel poses in a hot tub on Twitch
Users such as xoAeriel has disputed QTCinderella’s claims.

Twitch users have taken to Reddit to express their concerns over the transformation that seems to be taking place on the platform.

MsBananasTS shared her experience of the Twitch app, highlighting a number of streams.

Asking “what in the actual f**k happened to Twitch…!?” the post has received  3.5k likes and has blown open the discussion regarding the knock on effects on hot tub stream.

People have defended her claims, and others have attacked her for shaming the women involved simply because they have taken different approaches to branding their stream.

Cosplayer and model Hillary ‘Pokket’ Nicole encouraged her to simply report the person breaking Twitch’s terms of use and then move on, otherwise it appears that she’s “projecting [her] own insecurities and internalized misogyny on people who owe you absolutely nothing.”


Another streamer, whose girlfriend happened to be tagged in MsBananas original picture, asked for her to remove the image and proceeded to attack her for “hypocrisy.”

The debate is far from over, and some now look to the platform itself for an update on their position.