Twitch under fire after featuring bizarre pole dancing stream on front page

by Daniel Cleary


Popular livestreaming platform Twitch has come under fire after showcasing pole dancing on the front page, as part of a "wrestling" which had been placed on the front page featured section.


Twitch has always been very strict on what content is shared on their platform, with streamers required to abide by strict guidelines and bans handed out for showing content which violates their terms of service.

On the front page of the site, Twitch will handpick channels to showcase, which autoplay when users visit the home page, and typically presents a variety of content which the platform is happy to show off.

Twitch's recommended section is the first thing viewers see when visiting the site.


On May 11, the channel which was featured on Twitch’s home page was listed under the wrestling category, by the name of “RockyMountainPro”, and was livestreaming one of their pro wrestling events titled, “Respect Women’s Wrestling” for fans to see.

Twitch has now received backlash from viewers on their platform questioning the content, as it seems that they may have been unaware of what exactly the entire event would entail.

The NSFW content in question at the Respect Women’s Wrestling event consisted of a pole-dancing performances in between the action, as well as other sexual gestures and fighting moves during the wrestling matches, which many considered as too extreme to be featured on the front page.

Warning: Clip is NSFW


The pole dancing showcase was even advertised on social media by RockyMountainPro prior to the wrestling event taking place, which left many to direct the blame towards Twitch for not checking what the event would include before featuring it.

Reddit commenters online were surprised to see such content featured so prominently on the site, with one mocking Twitch's terms of service by saying, "pole dancing is consider "fitness" now" and another sharing the same sentiment disgusted by the channel, adding, "What the fuck is this porn?"

The VOD of the NSFW broadcast has since been deleted, however, the RockyMountainPro channel has not been issued a ban for the content as of yet.

It is unclear if Twitch deems the content as a violation of their terms of service or community guidelines, but it's unlikely the channel will be getting a front page showcase again.