Twitch Tweets game tests just how well fans know streamers like Pokimane & xQc

Lawrence Scotti
pokimane xqc twitch

A new game called Twitch Tweets runs right in your browser and tests fans’ knowledge of the platform’s biggest streamers’ tweets.

If you think you are the biggest Twitch fan, there is finally an easy way to put your knowledge to the test.

Web Developer lilboybrandon shared the game they’ve been working on, Twitch Tweets, which can run directly in your browser and has a clear goal from the onset; “Guess who tweeted what. Prove that you are your favorite streamer’s biggest superfan.”

Essentially, anonymous phrases pop up and players choose who they think tweeted that phrase. The further you go, the more points you accumulate. Get one of the phrases wrong and you’ll be forced to start the run all over again.

Brandon shared his inspiration for the game in its dedicated Reddit post, writing “after seeing the React meta take a hit and big streamers undergo a mild(?) content drought, I’ve decided to share a small winter break project I spent the last two weeks creating.”

Here are the streamers whose tweets are included:

Originally there were five tweets per streamer in the game, but since release, Brandon has added an additional 24 more tweets since players have already guessed all of the tweets correctly.

Some fans in the comments of the post pointed out an easy way to guess which tweets are from Twitch star xQc: he tweets almost exclusively in capital letters. Look out for caps locks tweet, as they are most certainly going to be from the former pro-Overwatch player.

Brandon also added a neat feature where you can share your high score directly onto Twitter after you complete your run.

Good luck on proving you are the most knowledgeable Twitch fan out there.