Twitch teases silent channels and ‘Pizza Time’ categories in April Fools’ joke


As a part of an elaborate April Fools’ Day joke, Twitch teased five new ‘upcoming’ categories for their platform on social media, including Pizza Time, Silent Reading, and more.

April Fools’ Day is always a special time of year for members of the gaming and streaming communities. Not because it’s a cause of celebration, but rather because it serves as a reminder to not believe everything you see.

For example, Riot Games tricked League of Legends players into believing an outrageous set of patch notes. Twitch got into the groove too by announcing five new categories that were so absurd, it was clearly a joke.

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Pizza Time

The first category they teased was Pizza Time, and it includes anything and everything related to pizza. This includes making pizza, delivering pizza, eating pizza, and debating which pizza toppings are the best.

That’s not all, though. The suggestions became increasingly more bizarre. For example, dressing as a pizza, throwing pizza on the roof like Walter White in Breaking Bad, and even playing the 1994 video game Pizza Tycoon.

Silent Reading

The second category, Silent Reading, encompasses streamers silently reading everything from biographies, novels, and manga to diary entries, fortune cookies, and even The 1997 Geo Metro Service Repair Manual.

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Character Creation

The third category was actually somewhat believable. Named Character Creation, it revolves around streamers creating hilarious characters on various games, which has proven to be a popular fad on social media.

Chores, Odd Jobs, and Errands

The fourth category, Chores, Odd Jobs, and Errands put a hilariously boring twist on regular IRL streams. Rather than showing streamers documenting their travels, it’s limited to them doing mundane tasks.

Literally Just Chatting

Last but not least, the fifth category, Literally Just Chatting, is exactly as described. The premise of the idea is that there are no cameras, no mics, and no stream. Instead, there are only people running wild in chat.

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Twitch’s April Fools’ Day joke didn’t fool too many people. It was pretty obvious given how silly the categories were. Still, it did provide a good laugh, which is ultimately what the annual custom is all about.

Of course, they have added some ‘different’ categories in the past, including Animals, Aquariums, &  Zoos, and Pools, Hot Tubs, & Beaches.  So, who knows what else they’ll introduce before April Fools’ Day rolls around again.

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