Twitch streamer’s wife makes him viral on TikTok after he gets zero viewers

Dylan Horetski. Last updated: Jan 04, 2022
guzhut twitch streamer
Twitch: Guzhut

Twitch streamer ‘Guzhut’ was excited to start his new hobby, but nobody came to his first stream. When his wife, TikToker ‘thesaltyfam,’ posted a video about it, thousands of viewers came to save the day. 

The Amazon-owned streaming platform has been known for its lack of discoverability for newer creators for years now. So when Guzhut decided he wanted to try it out on December 27, 2021, nobody showed up to his stream.

To help her husband, Guzhut‘s wife posted a video about his struggle on TikTok.

Uploaded on December 27 on her profile, ‘TheSaltyFam,’ the viral video has over 11 million views and has helped her husband explode in popularity.

TikTok will easily continue to expand its enormous userbase in 2022.

Viral TikTok helps Guzhut explode in popularity

The viral TikTok video shows Guzhut on a chair in the living room, with his phone propped up on a step ladder while capturing his gameplay from the living room television.

Its reads: “He was so excited to stream on Twitch, and no one came on.”

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Their video quickly went viral and has amassed over 11 million views at the time of writing. With its popularity, it even gained the attention of a professional football team, the Arizona Cardinals, who said they’ll be online to play with him soon.

The couple has also received quite a few compliments about how well she supports her husband’s interests.

Guzhut 41.6k followers

Since the video has gone viral, Guzhut’s Twitch stream has exploded in popularity. At the time of writing, the creator has gained 41.6 thousand followers on his channel in just 8 days.

TheSaltyFam and Guzhut are prime examples of how well TikTok can be used to gain viral popularity, no matter what type of content you decide to upload to the app.

We’ve also seen viewers help others after their video went viral, including the ‘Joe Byron guy‘ from the viral Sidetalk videos after it was revealed that he was homeless.