Twitch streamers under fire for refusing to complete giveaway worth $25,000

backayrd breakersBackyard Breakers

Twitch streamer duo Backyard Breaks have drawn criticism after reneging on a giveaway of an extremely rare NFL card they pulled from a pack live on stream.

Backyard Breaks were live on January 13, opening boxes of NFL cards and hosting a giveaway of boxes to new followers of their channel.

As the Backyard Breakers were about to open the next box, the pair announced the winner of the box as a user named “Gpell10.”

Quickly after announcing the winner, the pair lost their minds as they pulled an ultra-rare Trevor Lawrence Gold Kaboom card from a pack.

Card giveaway gone wrong

As the pair realized the incredible price the card could go for, upwards of $25,000 on eBay, they announced they wouldn’t be able to give the card away.

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“I’ll be the bad guy, guys I’m sorry we can’t give that one away. We can’t give that one away, but we will give something else away.”

Backyard Breaks drew heavy criticism after announcing they wouldn’t be giving the card to user Gpell10 that had won. One user screenshotted the moment on stream and said, “Hope this card was worth losing your credibility as breakers.”

Since the blowback, the Breakers announced they are going to give the card away to “one random Twitch follower”, and not the original user Gpell10 that had won the giveaway in the first place.

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Fellow card breaker Wolfe’s Card Breaks parodied the failed giveaway in his own video.

Despite the blowback, the Backyard Breakers still claim that nobody won the giveaway for the Trevor Lawrence card.