Twitch streamer’s Tesla self-drive failure almost causes accident on stream

Twitch streamer driving Tesla with Twitch logo in cornerTwitch: jondwillis

A Twitch streamer was broadcasting his travels in his Tesla, and it almost resulted in disaster when the famous self-driving feature failed on him.

Twitch has become a platform for all manner of people to share their lives. Far more than just gaming, now, the Just Chatting category is consistently the most popular, with streamers going about their life or literally just chatting to their viewers.

As a result, these streams always tend to bring about some of the funnier or wackier moments — or in some cases, dangerous.

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That’s what happened when one broadcaster was testing his Tesla’s self-drive beta, and things started going wrong.

Tesla self driving carTesla
Lots of companies are developing self-driving technology for their vehicles — but there’s still some work to be done.

While driving around in the car, on a trip from DC to San Francisco, jondwillis was testing out the new Full Self-Driving Beta, letting the Tesla do its thing and see just how well it really worked.

After he came to a stop at a set of lights, though, the screen fully froze, and then everything started going wrong. “My car is frozen, oh my god,” he said, clearly a bit confused about what was happening. “Yeah, this is bad. The touch screen is completely unresponsive.”

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When the lights went green and traffic started moving again, however, his Tesla decided to go into reverse, almost causing absolute mayhem for the cars behind him.

He managed to get things back under control and drive away, but did have to pull over to recoup, clearly a bit shocked by what had happened.

Needless to say, the feature is in beta for a reason — so you’ll want to be extra careful using the self-drive beta if you’ve got a Tesla.

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