Twitch streamers stranded at sea after 46 days on a sailboat

Zackerie Fairfax
twitch streamers stranded at sea

Twitch streaming duo Awkward_Travels went live on June 24 informing their viewers they are stranded at sea, and fans watched as the couple struggled to keep their sailboat in check.

World travelers Tallulah and Gaspard have spent the last 46 days traveling around the Mediterranean Sea. On May 10, the two launched their newly purchased sailboat searching for adventure and content.

Over the last month and a half, Awkwards_Travel has streamed their adventures to thousands of viewers on Twitch. This includes deep-sea diving, sailing, and exploring the streets of Mediterranean cities.

But on day 46, the couple would go live skipping the “starting soon” screen and would present their viewers with some unsettling news. Their boat was broken and they were stranded at sea.

Twitch streamers’ boat breaks down

While leaving a diving site, Tallulah noticed the needles on the sailboat’s dashboard started to drop without reason. In an attempt to fix the issue, Gaspard shut off the boat but was surprised when the vessel wouldn’t turn back on. They had lost the engine.

Quickly raising the sails, the couple was able to avoid smashing into the shipwreck they had explored the day prior. The wind was enough to push their boat away from land into the open blue, but not away from danger.

The wind died down leaving the duo to the mercy of the ocean slowly rocking toward Napoli. Almost four hours later, Awkwards_Travel would still be adrift waiting for rescue while fighting the brutal conditions of the sea.

As the waves became stronger, Gaspard urged Tallulah to enter the ship’s cabin and advised her to end the stream as well as requested they both put on life jackets. The couple is awaiting rescue which was slated to arrive within an hour after the stream ended.

Tallulah stated they would go live and update their viewers once they were safe. Gaspard, on the other hand, stated he never wanted to set foot on a boat ever again.

The VOD of the incident has been deleted from Twitch. We will update this story once Awkwards_Travel gives an update on their situation.