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Twitch streamer’s set up destroyed on stream by crazed intruder

Published: 31/Jul/2021 16:47

by Lawrence Scotti


A Russian Twitch streamer named girl__fighter fought off an intruder live on stream after they seemed to destroy her streaming set up and ended the stream altogether. 

Catching dangerous moments live on Twitch is a scary thing to witness, and unfortunately, it has happened quite a number of times before. Back in February 2021, streamer triciaisabirdy dealt with an intruder live during a cooking stream.

Thankfully in the triciaisabirdy situation, nobody was harmed and nothing was broken as the intruder was removed from the building.

While they were able to carry on streaming, the same can’t be said for Russia streamer girl__fighter, who goes by the name Victoria, as they dealt with an intruder during a live stream leading to an altercation that cut the live feed.


In the scary clip, the man off-screen appears to begin destroying things in the streamer’s room, and as Victoria and her friend plead with the man to stop, he knocks over the streaming setup.

It seems that the intruder was hit with mace by the standing girl, as coughing can be heard in the background. The screen froze as the camera crashed into the ground, cutting the live feed.

As of now, it’s unclear why the man intruded the home, and his whereabouts since the stream was taken down are unknown. Victoria began streaming more pole dancing and stretching a few hours after the incident happened, showing that thankfully she wasn’t harmed during the incident.


Victoria, aka girl__fighter, dealt with an intruder which led to her streaming setup to be destroyed on stream.

Victoria’s Twitch page is mostly made up of her pole dancing sessions and describes herself as a passionate pole dancer and dynamic stretcher.

The streamer’s social media pages have also been made private in the aftermath of the stream, and it remains to be seen if there will be any follow-up to what happened.