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Twitch streamers report bizarre emails and pictures from fan

Published: 24/Apr/2020 20:39

by Virginia Glaze


As live streaming continues to grow in popularity as both a profession and pastime, more and more broadcasters are reporting odd interactions with overly-enthusiastic fans — one of whom has taken flirting to the next level.

Many a popular Twitch streamer has, unfortunately, dealt with both in-person and online harassment, usually from fans who are vying for a potential relationship with them after watching their broadcasts.

It seems that one fan has taken this kind of flirting to a whole new level, with multiple female Twitch streamers reporting interactions from a single individual with a similar MO.

sofiehedegren, Instagram
Partnered Twitch streamer ImSoff reported a strange email she received from a fan – who didn’t seem to understand the address was for business, only.

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Partnered streamer ‘ImSoff’ uploaded a series of photos in a Tweet on April 21, showing an email and a photo attachment from a fan who was looking for more than just a shoutout.


“You are very beautiful and very positive,” the fan wrote. “I want to meet you. I watch you from time to time!”

ImSoff_, Twitter
One fan sent some odd pictures in an email attachment to Twitch streamer ImSoff.

The photo attached to the email showed the sender blowing a kiss to the camera and folding his hands in a heart shape, unabashedly flirting with the broadcaster — who was less than enthused by his message.

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“Please don’t be this person, this is to my business email zzz,” ImSoff wrote.

However, it doesn’t seem that Soff was the only Twitch streamer to have received an email from this fan — in fact, replies to her Tweet show that several broadcasters have experienced similar interactions with the individual.


“I GOT THE SAME ONE LOOOOL” streamer ‘MissBaffy’ replied, showing identical images sent to her own inbox as the ones ImSoff received.

In fact, one streamer claimed she’s been receiving near-constant emails from the fan for over a year, even though she never replies to him.

“That same guy has been emailing me for almost a year now, and he doesn’t stop even though I never answer,” she Tweeted. “He must have some serious issues.”

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Thankfully, it seems as though these streamers have banded together to address a disturbing issue that continues to take place in a community already rife with harassment and stalking.