Twitch streamers horrified after stranger threatens to shoot them for accidentally trespassing

Twitch streamer thatirishgirlro IRL streamingTwitch: thatirishgirlro

IRL Twitch streamer ‘thatirishgirlro’ and her friends were terrified after a man claimed he could “shoot” them for unknowingly trespassing on his property.

IRL streamers have captured some intense moments during their broadcasts. On some occasions, things have escalated and gotten violent, with streamers even being attacked themselves.

Others have also landed in heated scenarios or arguments leaving their viewers similarly terrified and often completely unable to help.

That was the case for thatirishgirlro’s viewers as she and her friends were approached by a landowner who claimed he they were trespassing on his dock and that if they were in another state he could “shoot” them.

Stranger threatens IRL streamers for “trespassing”

Twitch streamer thatirishgirlro was livestreaming her adventures paddle boarding on August 6 with her friends including her fellow creator melina.

After they stopped in a dock, a group of strangers called to them from the shore looking “upset.” As the two streamers approached the individuals, one man off-camera then claimed that the streamers were on “private property.”

They explained that “it was an accident” and that they had been given permission to stay on the dock by a friend, but clearly, there had been a misunderstanding.

Although the paddle-boarders said they would leave, it did little to cool down the situation. Walking away from the angry land-owner, thatirishgirlro added: “This is ridiculous. Come on. You need to chill out. It was an accident, we’re leaving immediately.”

However, he quickly fired back: “It’s private property. In Texas, I could shoot you. You’re on my property.”

The group were understandably shaken up by the experience. Yet, thatirishgirlro and her friends walked away unscathed but just confused as to why the stranger behaved in such a way.