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Twitch streamer’s friend terrified by stream alert and it’s hilarious

Published: 23/Jan/2022 12:37

by Joe Craven


Twitch streamer BrokenP1ank saw his January 22 broadcast take an unexpectedly hilarious turn after a raid from a fellow streamer gave his friend the fright of their life. 

Part of the appeal of live streaming is the unknown quality of broadcasts – streamers and viewers alike are not always sure of what is to come.

At times – like when CookSux was threatened with a knife by a stranger – this unknown quality can be sinister but at others – like when a mirror decides to take it upon itself to attack a broadcasting streamer – it can be hilarious.

This clip from BrokenP1ank certainly falls into the latter category.


People love the unknown element of live streaming.

During a January 22 broadcast, creator BrokenP1ank was streaming some Mario Golf to his followers alongside a friend. The friend, it should be said, is not a regular guest and therefore not accustomed to all the alerts and notifications that come whilst live.

This became evident when another friend raided the stream, leading to a loud alert using the sound “FBI! Open up!” Naturally, BrokenP1ank’s friend was scared out of his mind.

“Jesus f**king christ,” exclaimed the streamer’s friend, leaning forward and turning to see the FBI entering. “I’m too f**king high for this. I can’t do this stream bullsh*t. No man… I just wanna get high and have a good time.”


P1ank did his best to calm his friend, explaining that it was a raid. “Chill, chill, chill,” he said. “You’re good – Elijah raided us. Jesus dude it’s good… It’s okay, you’re fine, you’re okay. It’s good dawg. I’m sorry bud. I’m so sorry. That was f**king hilarious though. I didn’t think you’d hear it and actually think it was the door.”

Many viewers (understandably) found the whole ordeal hilarious. It might be some time before P1ank’s friend is back for another live stream though.