Twitch streamers demand changes & bigger cut of subs as YouTube rivalry heats up

Twitch sub moneyPixabay/Twitch

More and more Twitch streamers are calling on the Amazon-owned platform to make some serious changes to how the website pays its content creators as YouTube continues to attract more to its service.

Twitch remains the top streaming platform on the internet, but that hasn’t stopped YouTube and even Facebook from trying to persuade others to switch ranks through better payouts.

As it stands, affiliates and most partners only get a 50% split from Twitch whenever someone subscribes to their channel, and users are not happy.

Now, a petition calling for a change to the revenue split has garnered over 10,000 votes with streamers voicing their displeasure with the current model.

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Streamers call for Twitch to change “outdated” payment model

In a viral tweet from streamer ChrispyGameplay, the content creator posted a link to a petition calling on fellow streamers to demand Twitch take action.

“Streamers, it’s time to band together. 99.9% of Twitch streamers get 50% of their payout taken from them by a Twitch, an absolutely outdated payment model,” he said. “It’s time to reward us for how much money we make for Twitch!”

The petition, originally created by SaltyWyvern on December of 2020 has received over 10,000 votes with many comments coming since Chrispy tweeted it out.

Twitch petitionTwitch
Twitch streamers are calling for some big changes.

Many voiced that they are contemplating changing to YouTube if things don’t change with some claiming they’ve already made the jump.

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“I’m tempted to leave Twitch for YouTube if payout isn’t made better soon!” one user commented.

“This is part of why I moved to YouTube and encourage folks to use my Patreon,” another stated. “Amazon has enough money.”

It remains to be seen if Twitch will actually enact any sort of change, but if YouTube can continue to grow as a threat, it could end up forcing Amazon to seriously consider updating its payout.