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Twitch streamer’s attempt at dancing fails in spectacular fashion

Published: 27/Nov/2019 21:45

by Brent Koepp


A Twitch streamer who wanted to entertain his audience by dancing in the middle of his broadcast failed miserably when his attempt to do so was interrupted in a somewhat worrying way.

A major component to streaming is keeping your audience engaged and entertained. Personalities will do all sorts of outrageous things to keep eyes on their broadcast, and the donations coming in.

However, sometimes things don’t work out as the streamer intends, and the mistake is caught on video for thousands to see, as their attempt to impress their viewers just doesn’t land.

Twitch personality ‘EinarKuusk‘ became the perfect example of this, as his plan to break out into a dance in the middle of his Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order stream backfired spectacularly.

Instagram: @einarkuuskThe Twitch streamer was playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order when his dancing failed.

Streamer’s dancing ends in epic fail

The Estonia-based streamer was playing the latest Star Wars, when the popular song ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll, Part 2′ which was recently featured in the 2019 Joker film, inspired the Twitch personality to get up and dance.

When song began to play, he immediately took his headphones off, and went to jump on his bed. However, once he bounced up, his head smashed the light above him, and he fell to the ground – ending his dance before it even began.

To add salt to the wound, the light fixture came out and hit him on the head on the way down. Holding his head with both hands, the streamer let out a groan as he rubbed, and told his audience that he needed a bandage.

Einar posted an update an hour after the incident on his Instagram, showing the damage that had been done. The photo shows a bloody cut on his head, as the light he hit broke skin.

Along with the photo he posted he posted a caption which roughly translated to “The lamp thing happened in the stream: the ceiling lamp fell on my head. All places full of blood. I went to get it sewn up and got a tetanus injection.”

While the moment garnered laughs from his chat, it seems that the streamer had to actually get stitches on the cut, and even get a injection, which shows the cost of his dancing mishap.

In the end it seems that the streamer is safe and the injury, while in need of care, wasn’t more serious then a cut. But if nothing else, it shows the unpredictable nature of streams.

As of the time of writing this article Einar Kuusk has over 7,900 followers on his Twitch channel, and is an actor that has been featured in films in Estonia, as well as in a role on the BBC mini-series ‘The Capture.’


Corpse Husband shares heartbreaking update on his chronic health condition

Published: 26/Jan/2021 21:02

by Virginia Glaze


The viral YouTube star and music artist known as ‘Corpse Husband’ has shared a grim update on his chronic health condition with his fans, leading to an outpouring of support for the content creator who has taken over the internet.

While Corpse Husband has been on YouTube for some time, he rose to the top of the platform’s ‘Whos’ Who’ in late 2020, becoming known for his deep voice and humorous Among Us streams with other top creators.

Despite his impressive popularity, the YouTuber stated in a January 2 broadcast that he might not be able to continue his career as a full-time entertainer for the long-term.

Corpse cited his chronic illnesses for this potential development, and already limits his broadcasts to one or two streams a week as a result.

(Topic begins at 1:13 in the video below.)

It doesn’t look like the outlook has become any less bleak, either, as he shared a heartbreaking update on his health in a series of tweets via his alternate account a few weeks later.

“I did my needle EMG for my nerve conduction study and got some results that are not good,” he wrote. “I don’t really know how to process it or cope with it. I still want to participate in everything coming up. If I seem off in any upcoming things, that’s why. I don’t really know what to do.”

According to Corpse, the diagnosis is that there is little to no treatment for his nerve condition, with doctors stating he would be in pain without any hope of reprieve throughout his lifetime.

“They probably identified the problem with my arms,” he continued. “They basically told me I’m going to be in pain like this for the rest of my life and that it’s only going to get worse, and there’s not much I can do about it besides relieve it sometimes with injections. Idk.”

Thus far, Corpse has been met with ample support from his fans and fellow creators, with the likes of Pokimane and even Valkyrae wishing him well amid such a devastating diagnosis.

While Corpse has been relatively open about his conditions in the past, this latest update truly brings the matter into perspective — but luckily, he’s got a wealth of supportive friends and fans to help him through it.