Twitch Streamer Denied Emote of His Own Logo After Dr DisRespect Complained About Trolls

by Calum Patterson


Following Dr DisRespects recent outbursts about trolls mocking him on Twitch by spamming certain emotes, Twitch is now preventing channels from creating certain emotes.

The mocking began after Dr DisRespect made his infidelity public in late 2017, and as expected a few trolls came around.


However the problem became more serious for the Doc, as chat emotes, namely a channel emote from another popular streamer Forsen, were spammed in his chat.

Dr DisRespect was convinced that these emotes were mocking him particularly for being unfaithful, and soon after the emotes mysteriously disappeared from a total of 29 channels.


Now however, it has become clear why the emotes were removed.

A Hearthstone YouTuber and streamer, "Disguised Toast" attempted to add an emote for his logo - which has dark shades and a moustache.

Unfortunately, the logo bears a resemblance to the Forsen emote and others which were deemed to mock Dr DisRespect, and so Disguised Toast was denied the emote under grounds of 'harassment'.


Of course, the emote is in no way targeting Dr DisRespect, but it was either manually or automatically denied by Twitch, as it bears such a similarity.

It is part of Twitch's partner agreement that streamers cannot target or harass other partner's, however this case seems to be taking that rule to its most stringent application.