Twitch streamer YourRAGE finally uses facecam after 1 million followers promise

Twitch streamer YourRAGE in white shirtInstagram: yourrage

Twitch streamer YourRAGE finally turned on his facecam for a stream, fulfilling his promise to do so after hitting 1 million followers.

While many Twitch streamers opt to put to a camera on themselves during their stream, there are plenty of others who don’t. Some replace their actual faces with avatars, but there are plenty of others who remain faceless.

These streamers have seen plenty of sccuess over the years, but there are always a few viewers who are desperate for them to show their face on stream – even if they have revealed what they look like previously.

In the case of YourRAGE – a variety streamer – he promised to finally hook up his facecam once his channel reached 1 million followers. Well, on July 25, he finally followed through on that promise.

YourRAGE finally shows off facecam on stream

That’s right, as his channel finally crossed the threshold and reached the seven-figure follower mark, YourRAGE gave his fans what they wanted and hooked up his facecam for some games.

The moment that fans had been waiting for came around 10 minutes into his July 25 stream, as the streamer appeared in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. “Yo, what the f**k is going on? Wassup?” he asked as he walked into shot.

It wasn’t just a blink and you’ll miss it moment either. YourRAGE kept the camera rolling for a while as he dabbled in some VR games on the stream and had a few chats with viewers.

The streamer’s face isn’t exactly a secret – he’s posted plenty of photos across Instagram and Twitter – but doing so on-stream is a bit different given you have to be active for hours.

It remains to be seen if he’ll keep the cameras rolling in his future streams or if he’ll go back to the way things were before the big celebration but the streamer thanked his fans for all the love he got as a result.