Twitch streamer Xposed smashes keyboard in rage after losing thousands in a single gamble

Xposed YouTube Blackjack VideoYouTube / Xposed

In another infamous virtual casino adventure, Twitch streamer and content creator Cody ‘Xposed’ Burnett bet big and lost, with his keyboard paying the price for his bad luck on Roobet.

Although it remains one of Twitch’s smaller categories, interest in creating content under the “Slots” umbrella has picked up steam due to an uptick in interest from various content creators over the last few years.

One of the streamers creating online gambling content is Cody ‘Xposed’ Burnett. Once an FPS-focused channel with a reputation for hilarious outbursts, Burnett pivoted to creating content focused on his exploits in the world of online wagers, and has seen great success in that area.

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In a stream on February 12, Xposed took a chance while playing games on Roobet — one of the most popular online cryptocurrency casinos — and lost out on more than $7,000. After getting burned, Burnett took out his anger on a nearby keyboard while his chat watched on hysterically.

Xposed YouTube Gambling ClipYouTube / Xposed
Xposed has always maintained an explosive personality, and this translated perfectly into the world of online gambling.

The clip began with Burnett opening the Mines game (an activity on Roobet similar to the PC classic Minesweeper). “Okay, just three mines bro,” the streamer said to his chat, “Three mines never hurt anybody. We just do two mines and we’re out.”

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Xposed wagered his entire available balance — over $7,300 dollars — believing it would be an easy way to build on his earnings. After clearing one block successfully, Burnett clicked another that revealed a mine, meaning he just lost the wager and his entire balance along with it.

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“There’s no f**king way!” the streamer screamed, as he realized what just happened. Burnett then got up and walked away from the camera, where he picked up a keyboard that was laying offscreen and smashed it to pieces on the floor.

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“F**king how bro?” Xposed asked his chat before walking out of frame as the clip ended. Immediately after Burnett lost his wager, the viewers in Twitch chat erupted into laughter and teasing which continued right up until the end of the clip.

After returning to his setup, Xposed acknowledged that it was just one of those days. Just the day prior, he had won around $70,000, so it’s all swings and roundabouts. Pro CoD player Clayster had complimented him on his big wins the day before.

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While the loss was certainly painful for him at the time, it seems Burnett quickly got over the money he burned.

Gambling on Twitch continues to grow its reputation as an intriguing category, and Xposed will certainly continue winning and losing his various wagers and creating entertaining content for his community in the process.

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