Twitch streamer withawonder accused of grooming underage girls using his chat

. 1 year ago
Withawonder on twitch

A Twitch streamer has been accused of finding girls in his chat and grooming them, allegedly targeting underage girls and sending unsolicited indecent images and videos.

Withawonder isn’t a huge name on the platform, with just over 21k followers, but will regularly have a fairly active chat — and that’s something he’s being accused of taking advantage of.

On Wednesday, June 23, a thread was posted to the popular Livestreamfail subreddit with screenshots that appear to show withawonder finding girls in his chat, inviting them to his Discord, and then sending them inappropriate messages.

The case in point, from Redditor WafflesAreExtinct, apparently shows withawonder non-plussed by the fact that they say they’re just 17 years old. In fact, the first set of screenshots shows the accused saying “Young, I like that,” before sending an indecent video of himself.

The post also included several screenshots of withawonder’s Twitch DMs to the accuser, confirming it was him and immediately seeking to find out whether the viewer was a girl.

Finally, upon the viewer admitting that they were putting together a thread to post on Reddit about his behavior, withawonder resorted to using racial slurs. “I know you were fake,” he said in his final Discord message. “I like taking dumb n***ers like you and have you people try to get me banned.”

Withawonder racist messages
Imgur: WafflesAreExtinct
Withawonder resorted to racial slurs after being caught out.

While withawonder’s Discord server has now been banned, eagle-eyed users found several incriminating tweets from the streamer, too, that have all since been deleted.

In one, he says that “having consensual sex with a 14yo girl is less of a crime than stealing a 6 pack of Coca-Cola.” In another, he said that “underage consent should require both parents and daughter’s approval to be seen as morally okay in God’s eyes.” In a follow-up tweet, he clarified that the girl “must be in puberty too, so 13+.”

Since these posts started coming to light, withawonder’s Twitter account has disappeared, though his Twitch channel remains intact.

Withawonder has not responded to the accusations.

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