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Twitch streamer who cleaned the dirtiest room ever is back in a mess

Published: 7/Jan/2020 10:38 Updated: 7/Jan/2020 13:55

by Connor Bennett


Streamer Jaegerrmeister, who definitely had the dirtiest room on Twitch – and possibly the world – revealed that things have gotten pretty bad again and he finally had to strap on some cleaning gloves. 

Back in June, Jaegerrmeister went viral after viewers noticed the incredible levels of trash that sat around him in his room. In fact, he revealed that he hadn’t cleaned his room since 2005, but was made to change after going viral. 

Yet, the streamer relapsed and allowed the trash to build up again after the release of WoW Classic as he claimed that you can “clean the room” but you “can’t clean the lifestyle.” Now though, as the problem has gotten worse yet again, he’s returned to make amends – grabbing some trash bags and a shovel and getting back to work.


Jaegerrmeister, TwitchJaegerrmeister went viral after fans were repulsed by his mounds of trash.

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After being a few minutes into his clean-up stream, Jaegerrmeister gave viewers a close up look at some of the mess that had piled up over the last few months. “The drums are still in here, some books, TV. Got some plates and such,” the streamer noted, showing off his growing pile of trash.

With the problem getting so bad and the trash being rampant again, viewers quickly had their answer as to why he seemingly doesn’t clean up.

“That’s a fridge, so I don’t have to leave my room to eat, there’s also a microwave for the same purpose,” the streamer said. “We got some sh*t down there too and we’re going to f**king clean this all up, tonight.”


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On the face of it, the trash alone looks rather disgusting and many other people would probably have had it straightened out before it reached that point, but what it can attract makes it so much worse.

During his clean-up, the streamer noted that there had been maggots popping up – leaving somebody he was chatting with at the time wondering if he was being truthful or not. “Oh yeah, well there were, I got rid of most of them I think,” he said, before revealing how the creatures got into his living space. 

“I have to have my window [open] and so you can see this fan – I have to have this fan on at all times, purging the scent,” Jaegerrmeister added. 


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After close to three hours of cleaning up, the streamer still had some way to go in his clean-up effort and even tried to call it quits at one point. “I’m tired dude, I’m exhausted, I’m sweating dude – it’s bad,” Jaegerrmeister complained. However, he was urged to carry on with the clean-up by the folks who he was streaming with. 

Despite that, the streamer protested and claimed that he’d done enough. “My room’s clean enough already, I got like room for my legs again, I can like roll around in my chair bro,” he said, even though he still had mounds of trash to clean up. 


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Even though he’d gotten rid of a decent amount of the rubbish during his three-hour stream, Jaegerrmeister still had some serious work to do before he ended his stream a few minutes after complaining.

Whether or not he’ll actually get back to finishing off the cleaning session with a further sweep remains to be seen, but he might just be better off calling in some outside help to do it for him – and actually make that a regularly scheduled thing.