Twitch streamer uses Ninja’s own book to roast him over Pokimane & Jidion drama

ninja roasted by ciirellaTwitch: Ciirella, Ninja

Twitch streamer ‘Ciirella’ used quotes from Ninja’s own book to roast him after his involvement with the ongoing drama between Pokimane and Jidion. 

Despite his short move to Mixer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has maintained his spot as the most followed streamer on Twitch with over 17 million followers. Since his rise to popularity, he’s widely considered to have paved the path for streamers to make it their career.

In 2019, he released a book titled “Get Good: My Ultimate Guide To Gaming” and fans all over the world flocked to their favorite store to grab a copy.

Twitch streamer Ciirella roasted Ninja on stream with quotes about accountability from his own book, referencing his comments and involvement with the ongoing drama between Pokimane and Jidion.

Twitch streamer roasts Ninja using quotes from his own book

An image of Ninja next his book and the twitch logo.

Ciirella reads from Ninja’s book: “You ever think, ‘Yikes, I shouldn’t have said that?” It happens to me more often than I’d like. The truth is that Twitch is a mentally demanding activity and when your life is out every day, chances are you’ll say something you’ll regret.

“When it happens, and it will, the best thing to do right away is to move on, and try to do better. There’s no shame in admitting an error, you just have to make sure your apology is sincere and those errors don’t become the norm.”

Right after she finished reading the excerpt, the Twitch streamer broke out in laughter. Recently, Ninja has been in the spotlight after offering to help former Twitch streamer ‘Jidion’ with his ban from the website after he sent a “hate raid” to Pokimane’s channel.

During a live stream where Pokimane explained her side of the drama, she told her chat the comments that she heard from Ninja, who told Jidion that he would text his Twitch representative and that he can’t go around “raiding b***hes.”

Poki was immediately met with hateful Twitter DMs from Tyler and his wife, Jessica, who threatened to sue her for defamation of character.