Twitch streamer Tyongeee gets demonetized on YouTube after clip channels steal content

Twitch streamer Tyongeee gets demonetized on YouTube after clip channels steal contentTwitter: Tyongeee

Tyongeee, also known as Auntie on Twitch, has been demonetized on YouTube for posting “reused content” after clip channels stole her content, and the whole situation has left her feeling sad and confused.

Tyongeee has been blowing up on Twitch in 2021. She has 55,000 followers on the platform, which isn’t much compared to the biggest streamers.

But the amount of views and followers she’s been getting has steadily increased throughout the past year, and it’s had a flow-on effect on her YouTube channel, too.

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But unfortunately, that all came crashing down on July 17 when she begged for help on Twitter after revealing that YouTube had demonetized her channel for “re-used content,” even though she claims to only ever attempted to monetize her own content.

YouTube eventually responded, saying, “Thanks for reaching out – reused content happens when a channel lacks context or creative value to make it unique, and this is part of YouTube Partner Program policy.”

However, their post drew criticism for being “vague.” And when she responded, asking them to be “more clear” in their explanation and re-iterating that she never “re-used” any content, let alone content from other people, they didn’t respond again.

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The likeliest explanation is that clip channels stole her content and posted it on their own channels, and she got flagged for copyright infringement. However, that hasn’t been confirmed.

Either way, Tyongeee vented about the situation on Twitch.

“I got disconnected from my family and friends because I wanted to be a content creator on your platform. Now, I cannot go back to corporate because my work experience is cut off,” she said.

“So, if you guys are banning me from your platform for no clear reason… I don’t know,” she added, before explaining that other content creators have gotten away with a lot worse without being demonetized.

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“I’m not criticizing them. I’m just criticizing the whole system about how this platform works. Where is the clarification? It’s just so vague!”

It’s an unfortunate predicament that has attracted the attention and sympathy of the broader streaming community.

However, whether that actually leads to YouTube’s decision being overturned is a different story. Tyongeee and her fans remain hopeful that will be the case.

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