Twitch Streamer Tyler1 Hilariously Struggles with Controls Playing New Detroit: Become Human - Dexerto

Twitch Streamer Tyler1 Hilariously Struggles with Controls Playing New Detroit: Become Human

Published: 27/May/2018 15:39 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 15:51

by Scott Mahoney


Popular streamer, Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, was playing the story mode of a popular new game, Detroit: Become Human, when the games controls had him stumped as he hilariously fumbles around.

Tyler1 is well known for his dramatic and sometimes ‘toxic’ persona, resulting in previous bans from Twitch, although he recently returned to a massive welcome, attracting 100,000’s viewers.

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He most commonly streams League of Legends (hence the ‘lol’ in his name), and is well documented for his rage moments and intense criticism of other players and the game itself.

But he also considers himself somewhat of a variety streamer, playing numerous games and new releases.


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Detroit: Become Human is a new interactive action adventure game where every decision matters and no character is too important to the story that it cannot go on without them.

The game sometimes requires players to operate using the PlayStation motion detection in the controller; this could mean tilting, rotating, flipping, jiggling, or spinning the controller to complete an in-game action.

Surprisingly, despite his track record of being quick to rage, Tyler1 did keep his composure as he failed miserably to simply wash a dish in game.

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In the past, this kind of moment have been met with explosive rage, and viewers familiar with his stream were likely expectantly wating on an outburst.


But maybe this is a sign of change in Tyler1’s demeanour – a gentler version of his previous self – although we’re sure he will be back to his usual self when playing LoL.

You can watch Tyler1 on his Twitch channel almost daily, and keep up to date with the controversial streamer on his Twitter.