Twitch streamer turned 90% of followers into subs and still can’t get partnered

Dylan Horetski
Twitch TestyFPS
Twitch: TestyFPS

Twitch streamer TestyFPS has secured an insane feat by having over 90% of his followers subscribed, despite not even being a partnered broadcaster. But who exactly is he, and how did he manage to get so many subs? 

When you think of streamers with high sub counts, some of the names that come to mind might include NICKMERCS, Pokimane, and xQc, who have tens of thousands of subs.

But have you ever thought about their sub/follower ratio? Looking at stats on TwitchTracker, you’ll be able to see NICKMERCS has just under 50,000 subscribers — while also having over six million followers.

As of February 16, 2022, the FPS-based streamer ‘TestyFPS‘ has amassed over 10,000 subs and growing — despite only having 11,597 followers on the platform. The kicker? Twitch has refused his partner application four times.

Who is TestyFPS on Twitch?

The 31-year-old Twitch streamer started his full-time broadcasting career in 2020 after losing his job and has grown his community immensely since then. Dubbed the “Swole Patrol,” Testy has centered his community around positivity and respect while quickly grinding the ranks on Warzone, Apex Legends, and more.

As he’s grown his community, Testy has been able to participate in a wide variety of Warzone tournaments — including various FaZe, Optic, and Subliners events.

Since he began streaming, he’s gone live over 700 days in a row while securing the love of his fans every single day. At the time of writing, Testy has amassed just over 11.5k followers, and 10.2k — or just over 90% — of his followers have subscribed to his channel.

Having so many subscribers with a relatively low follower count compared to the big names on the platform is a rare occurrence. For example, NICKMERCS has just .74% of his six million Twitch followers subscribed to his channel, while xQc has just .84% — only .1% more.

Despite having over 10,000 subscribers and an average viewer count of 147, Twitch has denied Testy’s partner application four times — the most recent being December 2021.

When Dexerto reached out for a comment regarding his partner status, he replied: “Regardless of the checkmark, your boy gonna have the same vibes and keep going live every day.”