Twitch streamer trolled by endless ‘Rick Roll’ gift to her PO BOX

. 12 days ago
Twitch Streamer PotasticP rickrolled by greeting card gift
YouTube: Rick Astley/Twitch: PotasticP

A Twitch partner by the name of ‘PotasticP’ was trolled by a fan after she received a greeting card from her PO BOX that wouldn’t stop rickrolling her. 

As creators gain popularity on Twitch, their fans may want to send gifts to support the streamer — so they open a PO BOX and share the address.

While gifts can definitely be wholesome, sometimes viewers decide to ‘troll’ their favorite creators with whatever they can think of.

This is the case for PotasticP, as she was trolled by a fan’s gift during a recent Twitch stream that left her scrambling to get it to stop.

PotasticP is never gonna give you up

On June 21, PotasticP was opening up gifts on stream when she accidentally cut off the top of a greeting card sent by a fan. She continued to open the gift, jumping in fright as the card began singing the infamous rickroll: “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…”

Sitting in defeat, the card continued singing the Rick Astley hit song, so she threw it to the side while taking care of the packaging.

“Shut up, no! Shush. Enough! Enough! How does this thing turn off?… Omg, we’re f**ked. We’re f**ked. How do you get it to stop?? I’m actually dead,” she exclaimed.

After failing to get it to stop, Potastic slid the card under the door of someone else in her house… but it was (understandably) quickly returned back to her.

To make things worse, she attempted to cut the card open and access the speaker… just to find that the inside of it was full of glitter. We think it’s safe to say she’s never gonna give up this memory anytime soon.

But, it could have been way worse.

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