Twitch streamer tricks VRChat player with new take on classic troll

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer Jake ‘Shrimp’ decided to prank a VRChat noob with an old-school troll during an April 21 broadcast.

After meeting fellow player 'Wheresmypants' earlier in the stream and discovering he had never used VRChat before, Shrimp decided to show him the ropes - with a hilarious twist.

The newbie asked the streamer how he could go about opening a bag of chips in-game, and Shrimp decided this would be an opportune time to trick the unsuspecting greenhorn.

The noob wanted to figure out how to open the bag.


“While you’re holding it, you have to hold the Alt key,” the streamer explained. “That’s how you use functions.”

“Really?” Wheresmypants asked, unsure if he should believe the more experienced player.

“The functions are F1 to F8,” Shrimp added, trying to goad the noob into believing him.


Sensing the player may not be buying what he was selling, Jake decided he would need a bit of convincing and showed how to rotate objects in the game.

“Ready for this?” he asked. “This is F1,” he added and rotated the item in his hand. “F2, F3 and then F4,” he continued, performing another rotation with each supposed button press.

Wheresmypants was not having any success with the inputs and grew increasingly frustrated. “I can’t move it at all!” he exclaimed.


“Are you using the Alt keys?” the streamer questioned, urging the player a step further towards disaster. “You hold Alt and then you do F1 or Alt F3. It’s F1 through F8.”

Finally, the player fell for the old Alt F4 prank, and was kicked from the game after performing that classic keyboard shortcut.

“You’re an a**hole,” a nearby player laughed at the situation. “My God.”

Wheresmypants vanished after hitting Alt F4.


The Alt F4 prank is one of the oldest in internet history, as it can cause unsuspecting users to inadvertently close their games or webpages.

While it’s rare to see people fall for it in 2020, the advent of VR Chat and the execution in which Shrimp convinced the unsuspecting user were on point.

Some internet tropes are simply priceless.