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Trainwrecks stunned to find he paid $350 for Clipart logo

Published: 21/Jun/2019 12:24

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer TrainwrecksTV was left stunned after finding out that his expensive logo was actually just clipart.

The IRL [in real-life] streamer has become an increasingly popular destination for viewers on Twitch, in the Just Chatting category, for his on-stream hijinks and outbursts.

That was no different during his June 20 recording of the ‘Scuffed Podcast’, where members of his chat pointed out that his logo was being used elsewhere. While the streamer defended himself and stated that he owned the copyright for the image, he got a massive shock when he dove into a Google search.

Screengrab via TwitchTrainwrecksTV is a popular figure on the livestreaming platform.

While Trainwrecks tried to fight his corner and maintain that the logo was actually his, despite it being used on a health supplement, and viewers later found that it was copyright free clipart. “It’s clipart. Did you pay for this or just pull it off of something?” asked one member of the call.

“Yeah, I paid for it – I paid for someone to create this, do you think I’m good enough to pull this shit off?” the streamer fired back, still maintaining that he had the image copyrighted under his channel.   

However, his passionate defense immediately crumbled as the other members of his call found the clipart link and begun laughing about the discovery. “Dude, you actually got scammed,” chimed in another voice as they held back laughter.

As he opened the link himself, the popular streamer couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he minimized himself and showed off the original image to his viewers.

After being asked who created the image for him, Trainwrecks responded: “The same person who made my original emotes made this for me, dude.” Yet, even those graphics were outed as not wholly original as another voiced pointed out that his SquadHey emote resembled the Curious George character.

However, he eventually saw the funny side of things as he smiled at his screen and everyone else continued laughing. “Dude, I paid him fucking $350, are you kidding me?” he added, before moving on.

While his chat may have mocked him for this pretty expensive misstep, Trainwrecks got some sort of help from his call with one member offering up their services for free in future.

Will he take them up on that opportunity? Who knows.


Self-driving car hilariously crashes into wall during Twitch broadcast

Published: 29/Oct/2020 18:58

by Tanner Pierce


During the Roborace Season Beta event being streamed on Twitch, which pits multiple teams operating “self-driving” cars against each other in an augmented reality experience, one of the cars crashed in an unfortunate, but ultimately hilarious, fashion.

If you never heard of Roborace, you’re probably not the only one. The AI-focused racing experience has only been around for a few years now and while it’s certainly entertaining, it hasn’t quite hit the mainstream just yet in the same way that something like Formula 1 racing has.

Despite this, Season Beta of the aforementioned competition is currently underway and is being streamed on Twitch for the world to see. Of course, it wouldn’t be a race without some spectacular crashes and one happened in an absolutely hilarious fashion on October 29.

During the second day of the Season Beta race, Acronis SIT Autonomous’s DevBot 2.0 car took an abrupt sharp turn directly into a wall immediately after being at a standstill, leading to an unfortunate, albeit hilarious moment during the race.

Unfortunately, the camera cuts away before we can see the reaction of the operators, although it’s hard to imagine that they wouldn’t be a little annoyed at that immediate outcome. While it’s currently unknown what the estimated price is for the DevBot 2.0, as they’re all produced specifically by Roborace, this little crash probably just cost the team a lot of money.

The DevBot 2.0 uses Nvidia’s DRIVE platform to operate, which allows artificial intelligence to take over driving the fully electric car, as it races through an augmented reality track.

As the name suggests, this is the second iteration to use the name and is being used by all teams during Season Beta. It’s unknown whether this error was due to a technical error or was down to the “operators”.

If fans are interested in Roborace, Season Beta is set to continue until October 30, and will be streamed on the competition’s official Twitch channel the whole time.