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Twitch streamer terrified as earthquake rattles home and crashes stream

Published: 23/Jun/2021 18:39

by Michael Gwilliam


A Twitch streamer’s Dota 2 broadcast was forced offline after an earthquake rattled her house and forced her to take cover.

It’s always frightening when natural disasters occur, and it’s especially wild when they happen during live broadcasts. That’s exactly what happened to Twitch streamer Grechi during a June 22 session.

Grechi was playing Dota when suddenly she could hear something off in the distance, followed by the rattling of what sounded like glass bottles.

Sensing something was wrong, she paused the game and went out to investigate. Only seconds later, her entire house began to shake uncontrollably and she screamed out.


It seemed like someone in the game was watching her stream, too, as a player commented, “I can’t believe what we’re seeing. What just happened?”

The streamer never got a chance to respond, though, as the stream itself was taken offline shortly thereafter, leaving viewers and the rest of those in the game worried.

“Sh*t! Hope everything is fine,” one viewer prayed.

An earthquake knocked the stream offline.

Luckily, despite the scary situation, the streamer was okay and took to Instagram a bit later on to upload a video of the incident.

“First I pause, then I run. Priorities in order,” she captioned the clip.


As for how big the earthquake was, Grechi included a “Peru” hashtag in the video – and Peru did experience a 5.8 magnitude quake on June 22.


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While a 5.8 isn’t the biggest on the scale, it’s certainly still scary to experience live and for viewers who have no idea what’s going on.

Thankfully, everything seems to be okay on her end and it seems like she’s ready to continue on her streaming career.