Twitch streamer sparks debate after ‘down bad’ fan pays $2,000 for gaming session

. 1 month ago
poutyrin gets $2k to play valorant

A Twitch streamer has gone viral for posting screenshots of a conversation with one of her viewers where he offered to pay $2,000 to game with his “Goddess.”

It’s not uncommon to see Twitch viewers go to absurd lengths so streamers will notice them, but one has taken things to an extreme new level after sending a streamer two grand to play Riot Games’ FPS Valorant with them.

On May 30, Twitch streamer PoutyRin revealed she was sent a message on Discord from a fan who asked her how much it would cost to play a couple of games.

After joking that she’d accept $2,000 in return, the viewer stunned her by actually agreeing to pay it, claiming he’d only do so in order to play with a “Goddess.” Sure enough, he ended up sending the money and Twitter users could hardly contain their disbelief.

Twitch viewers baffled after fan pays $2K to game with streamer

Right after posting, fans began debating the easy money with some claiming women have it “easier” while others insisted that PoutyRin return the cash.

“You’re wrong for that. Refund that money and just play with the person. It’s not going to hurt you,” one fan suggested.

One user began offering up his own gaming duo at just $1,000, prompting another fan to disregard the business venture: “Unfortunately you don’t have t*ts, and what do down bad men want? Hot girls with boobs.”

“That dude better be getting the best gaming experience of his life,” another said, causing Rin to reply with a snarky, “I’m going to go negative every game.”

It’s not clear if the streamer ended up actually playing with the viewer or if she decided to refund the money, but $2,000 to play a couple of video games is definitely nothing to scoff at.

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