Twitch streamer smashes $3000 computer in ridiculous golfing incident

Andrew Amos
Lukeafk with clown makeup next to minigolf putter and PCTwitch: lukeafkfan / Unsplash: Kayla Farmer / Unsplash: Andre Tan

Twitch streamer ‘lukeafkfan’ had his mini golf skills put to the test by his chat. However, instead of getting the ball into the hole ⁠— or rather, knocking down his Christmas ornaments ⁠— he was left with a $3000 bill to fix his PC after he smashed it instead.

Broken PCs are hardly a new thing on Twitch. Sometimes it’s a total accident, in others it’s just the cause of a fit of rage after a couple of technical glitches.

However, a golfing incident leading to a hefty repair bill? That’s not something you see everyday, but it played out on Lukeafk’s stream on December 15.

Flicking between videos with his chat, the Twitch streamer ⁠— who has 138,000 followers ⁠— had a spur of energy and motivation. “Who wants to tee up a quick back 9?” he said, throwing his chair down. “You guys want to play some mini golf?”

Lukeafk playing mini golf on Twitch streamTwitch: lukeafkfan
One putt was all it took for Lukeafk’s stream to go haywire.

His chat set him a challenge: try and take down a reindeer with a ball. He attempted that, calling out “fore” before smashing the ball into his wall and missing the reindeer. Luke asked chat to cheer him on ⁠— and it worked out, after a near miss with his setup, knocking over one of the lit-up animals eventually.

However, the stream wasn’t satisfied and wanted a new angle, rearranging his setup to line the deer next to his bed frame so viewers could see the full swing. The streamer thought he had done enough, but he had to give it one last crack.

Pumping “more movement” into his swing, Luke ended up going a bit overboard. It missed the deer, bounced right off the frame, and straight into his PC case.

He said it was “all about angling, all about perspective”, and there were no pretty angles after he smashed his $3000 setup. He screamed out after inspecting the damage to the glass face of the case.

“Squidward, order me a new PC case. What the f**k. Oh no, my golfing career is over,” he said.

Luke’s Twitch chat joked about the broken case, saying it was a “cool design”, but the streamer vehemently disagreed. He even chucked on a video filter to portray how he was really feeling ⁠— like a clown.

There was more damage than originally thought too. There was a crackling noise coming from the computer while it was running. If it’s just the case that’s damaged, it should only be a couple hundred dollars, but if the entire build is ruined, the cost will rack up quickly.

Despite it all, Lukeafk wrapped up his four-hour stream by saying “today was a great day”. However, it didn’t take him long to remember he might have a hefty bill coming right up: “My PC is broken. That is not good. I need to fix that ASAP.”