Twitch streamer shocked as squirrel invades house and attacks him

Shay Robson

Twitch streamer StaysafeTV was left speechless on September 29, as a squirrel invaded his home and lunged and attacks him during a live stream.

While being focused in-game, it can be a bit hard to stay aware of your surroundings, and sometimes you can even forget that you’re playing the game, or even streaming for that matter.

With the launch of Amazon’s new hit MMO, New World, streamers are once again flocking to the MMO genre, and in the usual fashion, players are already addicted and grinding out their level.

With servers running at full capacity, one streamer became so emerged and focused on the game, that he didn’t even realize a squirrel had invaded his home.

new world
Amazon Games Studios
Released on September 28, New World is Amazon’s spin on an MMO title.

While being so invested in the quite literal New World, popular MMO streamer StaysafeTV was blind to his surroundings, and 10-hours into his stream, a squirrel took its prime opportunity to invade the house, running rampant for a short while before he noticed.

The streamer eventually noticed and was understandably shocked: “There is a squirrel in my house, there is a squirrel in my house! What the f**k,” he exclaimed, quickly rushing his dog out of the way before it noticed.

Staysafe’s plan was to chase the rodent down the hallway and out of the house through the door in his kitchen, but things didn’t go quite to plan, as the streamer didn’t account for how the squirrel would react.

As he got closer to the bathroom where the squirrel was, it suddenly lunged at him, scaring the life out of him, though luckily the invader was chased out of the house pretty quickly, leaving the streamer speechless and needing to catch a breath.

You might think twice before leaving the backdoor open during long gaming sessions, as an invading rodent might scare the life out of you.

It sure has made Staysafe think twice, as next time he might not be so lucky with his attempt to chase it out of the house.