Twitch streamer shocked as picture of himself as a child appears as TimeGuessr question

NorthernlionTwitter: OTKNetwork

Twitch streamer Ryan ‘Northernlion’ Letourneau was left shocked while playing TimeGuessr on stream after coming across a photo of himself riding a bike.

With over 600k followers on Twitch, there’s no doubt that Northernlion’s stream is popular with people from around the world.

The Canadian Twitch star is known for a variety of content, including Geoguessr, Super Auto Pets, Just Chatting streams, and more.

During his broadcast on May 1, 2023, Northernlion was left shocked after a round of TimeGuessr presented him with a photo of himself as a child riding his bike.

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Northernlion shocked during game of TimeGuessr

In the fifth round of his game, Ryan quickly gained a look of confusion as he looked at the photo presented before him.

“Kate, can you come in here for a second?” he said, laughing. “Is this me? I think this is me. I feel like this is Kingston, Ontario, circa 1992.”

His wife confirmed that they believed it was him as they both looked at the answer in shock before breaking out in laughter.

“Young boy learning to ride a bicycle in Ontario,” the game read. Northernlion’s guess was only one year off from the answer and just over 1km away from the specific location it was taken.

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While it’s completely possible the Twitch star’s guess was just a coincidence and the photo isn’t actually him, the accuracy of his answer leads many to believe it really was himself as a child.

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