Twitch streamer Sacriel in hot water after impersonating his wife

by Brad Norton


Popular Twitch streamer Chris 'Sacriel' Ball found himself in hot water after being called out for impersonating his wife during a recent broadcast.

Entertaining his audience throughout a February 11 Twitch stream, Sacriel was recounting the story of how he first met his wife. Unfortunately, she wasn’t happy with one particular impression that he decided to use when sharing the tale.

Not just any old impression, Sacriel ramped things up by mimicking the sounds of a Murloc from the Warcraft franchise. An often shunned race that makes indecipherable gurgling sounds, Murlocs are arguably the lowest on the food chain in that particular universe and Sacriel’s wife was not at all pleased being compared to one. 

Sacriel impersonated his wife with the sounds of a Murloc.


Storming into the room while he was in Escape From Tarkov’s main menu, she acted extremely offended and wanted her partner to repeat the Murloc impression. “I’m sorry? What do I sound like?” She questioned.

“Do you want to do that impression again with me here? It’s like you imagine I can’t see you on the TV in the other room. What do I sound like?”

“Like an angel,” he joked, trying to play off the heated situation. “No no no, let’s hear it again,” she quickly demanded, not sparing any time for his antics. 

“You’ve not played Warcraft but Murlocs are one of the angels, they’re from heaven” he tried to explain, lying about the detestable in-game races. “Not from a swamp or anything right?” She asked, playing along with the joke this time around. “Not just totally mindless, one hit-point creatures right?” 


“Bye,” she said enthusiastically as she took his snacks and left the room to carry on with her day having taken the moral victory in hilariously shaming her partner in front of thousands of viewers. 

Obviously, everything was just fine between the two as there was no real malicious intent with his sarcastic impersonations. 

Following up with a Tweet after he concluded his Twitch stream for the day, Sacriel shared that his loving wife still made dinner for the night despite his earlier shenanigans.

“Even after getting caught on stream impersonating a Murloc and saying that’s how my wife sounds, I still am given a proper English dinner. It only ???????? smells like arsenic,” he joked.


Evidently, all is on good terms between the pair as they love to stir one another up while on-stream. 

Just weeks ago while celebrating his 10,000 subscriber achievement, Sacriel was pranked by his wife thanks to some extra spicy tea