Twitch streamer roasts Addison Rae & Valkyrae with hilarious Screen Break “ad”

Michael Gwilliam
anniefuchsia mocks addison rae and valkyrae RFLCT and screen break products

Twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia had a hilarious response to Addison Rae’s new skincare line ‘Screen Break’ with a parody ad comparing it to Valkyrae’s controversial RFLCT product.

On February 1, TikTok icon Addison Rae revealed her new product ‘Screen Break,’ designed to protect users from blue light emissions. This was very similar to Valkyrae’s RFLCT, which was canceled after massive backlash.

Rae’s new line has already been mocked, even by Valkyrae herself, who joked she was rebranding to just “Valky” after seeing the product ad for herself.

Now, AnnieFuchsia was jumped in on the drama with her own take in the form of a parody promo comparing the two skincare products.

Addison Rae & Valkyrae mocked by Twitch streamer

With a RFLCT box in hand, AnnieFuchsia placed ‘Screen Break’ stickers over the packaging, marking the similarities between the two.

“It’s perfect for all the time you spend in front of the monitor, I mean sorry, it’s no longer for gamers,” she joked, referring to how RFLCT was marketed to streamers while Screen Break is for phone users. “All the time you spend on your phone or laptop, because you don’t own a PC, you’re not a gamer.”

The mock ad continued with Annie remarking how she was using the product already to great results even though she clearly didn’t have it in her possession.

anniefuchsia screen break parody
Anniefuchsia compared RFLCT to Screen Break.

“My friend Valky, I mean Addi, is using it too and she’s… I trust her and you should trust her too, you know? It’s great,” she added, intentionally mixing up the two celebrities.

So far, Addison Rae has yet to respond to the product’s backlash or comparison to RFLCT, but it’s likely this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from streamers chiming in over the controversial launch.