Twitch streamer roasted after demanding platform gives stars paid sick leave

Brad Norton
Instagram: TheDanDangler / Twitch

Twitch streamer Danyell ‘TheDanDangler’ Lanza has once again caught herself in a new wave of controversy after receiving a ban for watching a TV show on stream, then complaining about a lack of paid sick leave.

The Twitch TV show meta took another name down on January 11. Following close behind industry juggernauts like Pokimane and Disguised Toast, TheDanDangler was blocked from the streaming platform for broadcasting copyrighted material to her viewers.

While it wasn’t for watching anime like the others, the American streamer was done for sharing full episodes of the History Channel’s Forged in Fire reality series. Shortly after her ban came through, the divisive Twitch personality took to Twitter and quickly landed herself in more hot water.

Claiming she was sick and not “well enough to entertain,” TheDanDangler pointed the finger at Twitch for doing “absolutely nothing” when it comes to “sick days or time off.”

TheDanDangler tweets
Twitter: TheDanDangler
TheDanDangler deleted her outburst, though not before it caught fire on social media.

Despite making money from other platforms like Patreon, the streamer was furious she could no longer earn on Twitch due to the self-inflicted ban. With a “$4,000 vet bill to pay,” she explained how she was “so upset” she wanted to “cry in a ball.”

This comes just days after purchasing a new car and going on a holiday in the same month.

Before deleting the post, TheDanDangler’s outburst had exploded across social media. Hundreds chimed in as viewers and fellow streamers alike mocked her perspective.

“Most real jobs don’t give you paid time off,” fellow streamer ‘DougDagnabbit’ replied. “You should know that you are self-employed, streamers are not employees of Twitch.”

“I’m crying you think Twitch should pay you,” another response added. Meanwhile, others couldn’t tell whether she was joking or “actually [being] serious.”

The text itself even became a new ‘copypasta’ as well, with many popular streamers using it as a template to joke about the situation. 

TheDanDangler tweets
Twitter: TheDanDangler
TheDanDangler may not be tweeting again anytime soon after the latest controversy.

Having since deleted the post and warned everyone to “watch what [they] say,” TheDanDangler vowed to leave Twitter for good.

“I will no longer be posting on Twitter for what may be forever,” she followed up. “The amount of bullying and hate this platform processes is not healthy for me or anyone.”

No stranger to Twitter controversy, this isn’t the first time TheDanDangler has been the focal point of major backlash. The controversial Twitch personality most recently came under fire for splitting revenue during a charity stream.