Twitch streamer Rich Campbell comes up with genius way to avoid DMCA strike

Brent Koepp
Twitch streamer Rich Campbell during live broadcast
Twitch: richwcampbell

Twitch streamer Rich Campbell found a hilarious way to get around the DMCA strikes happening with the TV show meta. The One True King owner had viewers in stitches with his genius idea.

The TV show meta that exploded on Twitch may already be coming to an end following Pokimane’s ban for watching Avatar the Last Airbender and Hasan Piker receiving a DMCA strike for his MasterChef streams.

One streamer not concerned about the copyright takedowns rocking the site, however, is Rich Campbell. The OTK owner revealed the genius way he would get around his channel landing in trouble and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Twitch streamer shares hilarious way to avoid DMCA strikes

During his January 9 broadcast, the streamer reacted to the wave of Twitch channels getting copyright strikes such as HasanAbi. “Wait, wait, what actually happened? Apparently Twitch is cracking down on the react meta?” he asked viewers.

The OTK owner jokingly explained to his audience why he wouldn’t get DMCA claims to his channel. “Look man, they’ll never catch me. You know why? Because I’m way too f**king fast! Nobody’s ever going to stop me from stealing content!” he laughed. Campbell then showed his fans his hilarious idea for getting around copyright claims.

“I got something special planned today, I’m going to be reading Dostoevsky’s Crime & Punishment” he yelled, before pulling out the classic book to read on stream. “We’re most likely going to have to delete the VOD. But let’s just get into it!” he said sarcastically.

Campbell’s joke came in the wake of the streamer being criticized for watching Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings on stream back in December 2021. Fellow OTK owner Mizkif commented about the broadcast during his January 9 YouTube upload and exclaimed “Okay, like, we get it! Rich f**ked up ONE DAY! We get it. Like Rich doesn’t even stream anymore. Poor Rich, he just tried one thing, and it just blew up in his face.”

(Topic starts at 13:56) 

While Rich Campbell was clearly joking, his humorous take on the TV show meta had some viewers interested in him actually reading on stream. Responding, the OTK owner said, “I would actually love to read Dostoevsky. But they would probably catch me.”

Given all the unique categories already on Twitch and various trends that sweep the site each year, who knows… Maybe a book meta will be the next thing to take over the popular live content site.