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Twitch streamer reduced to tears after return from accidental doxxing ban

Published: 4/Nov/2019 12:26 Updated: 4/Nov/2019 12:41

by Connor Bennett


Twitch IRL streamer GiannieLee was left in a flood of tears after making her long-awaited return to the livestreaming platform following a ban for accidentally doxxing someone’s phone number.

Back on October 4, the popular IRL [in-real life streamer] received a 30-day ban from Twitch after showing a text message from her phone on-stream, which also happened to include someone else’s phone number. 

In the meantime, GiannieLee discovered that, unlike some other Twitch partners, she was able to stream on other platforms – leading her to broadcast live on both YouTube and Mixer at different points in time. However, the streamer was always going to come back to the platform she calls home, which would obviously prompt fans to flood her channel with their support.


Twitter / Giannie LeeGiannieLee is one of Twitch’s popular IRL streamers, with over 30,000 followers.

She made her emotional return to Twitch on November 4, streaming live from New York. As soon as she hit that all-important button go live, fans unsurprisingly came back to her channel – and it didn’t take long to have her feeling pretty emotional. 

“Thanks for coming back to my channel, I really appreciate it, thank you so much,” the streamer said as viewers spammed welcome back messages in her chat. They also re-upped on their subscriptions pretty quickly – sending the streamer in a flood of tears.

GiannieLee repeatedly thanked her viewers for their support as she wiped away the tears, with the emotions of the situation painted on her face and clear to see. “Thank you everyone, thank you so much,” she added. 


In the return broadcast, the popular Korean streamer streamed for close to six hours as she wandered in New York with a friend – exploring different parts of the city.

Whether GiannieLee is going to jump headfirst back into streaming on a regular basis remains to be seen, but for now, she knows that she can rely on the support of her fans no matter what happens.