Twitch streamer realizes consequences of facial henna tattoo far too late

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer "Jinnytty" decided to go out on a limb and get a temporary tattoo during a January stream -  but forgot to check how "temporary" it really was before putting it on her face.

Jinnytty is a variety streamer from Korea, who mostly IRL streams with viewers. While she was out on the town for a recent broadcast, she decided to get a henna tattoo on a whim.

She wasn't going to get just any tattoo though: in the spirit of Gucci Mane himself, she informed the tattoo artist to slap that bad boy right on her face.

Jinnytty wanted a face tattoo, and by gosh, she got a face tattoo.


As the work was well underway, Jinnytty's chat was going crazy about the fact that she seemed unaware that henna isn't temporary in the way your average rub-on, temporary tattoo is.

"You do realize this ain't coming off for at least a week right?" One viewer asked along with a 100 Bit donation, to which the surprised streamer could only reply, "What?"

Another viewer used their donation to give the streamer more henna facts, like that it can last for up to 13 weeks, depending on how much you exfoliate.

"Are you serious?" The streamer, who looked close to tears, asked. "I thought it would come out with the makeup remover."


However, Jinnytty took the news like a champ and let the artist completely finish her face tattoo, which chat kept telling her would be around for a while.

It was all fun and games until she realized that if the henna tattoo lasted for weeks, she would have to wear it to her graduation from university, which would be a very interesting story for any family she might have attending.

The artist confirmed that yes, it was real henna, and yes, it would be on Jinnytty for at least a few weeks, and by the end of the video, it was still looking just as colorful as when it was put on.

That feeling when you realize your face tattoo is less temporary than you thought.


Even though it wasn't a real tattoo, you still have to hand it to her for sticking with it for the stream, even if the henna stays on her face way longer than she was intending.