Twitch streamer rattled after stranger threatens him with knife in bizarre encounter

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Twitch: CookSux

IRL Twitch streamer CookSux was left rattled after a stranger threatened him with a knife during a bizarre encounter that happened while he was walking around the streets of New York.

Like most IRL Twitch streamers, CookSux’s content typically revolves around his experiences while traveling.

However, that doesn’t mean those experiences are always pleasant. Look no further than quiteLola’s frightening encounter with a stranger who forcefully kissed her earlier this week.

CookSux had a scary experience of his own after crossing paths with a hostile stranger who threatened him with a knife — seemingly out of nowhere.

Twitch: CookSux
CookSux’s IRL Twitch stream took a turn for the worse after a scary encounter.

Things started off innocently enough. CookSux was walking around New York at night looking for a restaurant. Then out of nowhere, a man approached him and accused him of taking pictures of people without their permission.

“That’s what you do? You walk around and take pictures of people without their permission?” said the man.

CookSux assured him that he was doing no such thing, but the man insisted. It wasn’t long before it snowballed into a full-blown argument.

Eventually, CookSux had enough. He told the man to “mind his own business,” which didn’t sit well with him. That’s when things took a scary turn. The man flashed a knife and said: “I’m always minding my own business.”

CookSux was a little rattled at first. “Why are you flashing a knife? That dude just flashed a knife on me!” he said to the camera. However, things de-escalated quickly, and they went their separate ways.

CookSux lightened the mood shortly after by laughing with his viewers. However, he looked shaken and even glanced over his shoulder several times after the run-in.