Twitch streamer RajjPatel loses his mind at Microsoft over Cortana fail

Daniel Cleary
rajjpatel / microsoft

Popular Twitch streamer ‘RajjPatel’ lost his mind with Microsoft after suffering a hilarious fail with Cortana on stream.

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RajjPatel is known for hosting a variety of shows on Twitch’s ‘Just Chatting’ category, such as his spin on popular TV series ‘The Bachelor’, which often includes many of the platform’s top content creators.

But, this viral clip doesn’t actually come from his own channel, but rather as he opened up Cortana on his computer, before raging at the Microsoft product while fellow streamer SlikeR was live.

Rajj has amassed a massive following on Twitch from hosting multiple shows on his channel.
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After being asked to play CS:GO with SlikeR, Rajj revealed that he was struggling to navigate with Microsoft’s virtual assistant for Windows devices, Cortana.

“Dude I’m talking to Cortana, I have no idea what the f**k is going on, who invented this s**t? Microsoft are you f**king kidding me? No one uses Cortana.” Rajj yelled, clearly upset with the virtual assistant.

“Who the f**k uses Cortana!?” He repeated, before referencing an AI character from the popular Halo series, “Seriously? She was from Halo and she was cool like 10 years ago.”

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After a few seconds of silence, Rajj could be heard aggressively typing on his keyboard before what seemed to be him smashing his desk over the frustration.

“Stupid f**k” the popular host shouted, which caught SlikeR off-guard as he glanced towards his camera, shocked at what he heard from Rajj’s end.

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Thankfully, Rajj eventually managed to fix the issue with Cortana after restarting his computer and got his chance to play CS:GO with SlikeR.

However, It is unknown if he did any damage to his setup over his experience with Microsoft’s digital assistant. Presumably he’s disabled the feature in case of future issues.