Twitch streamer rages after chat pranks him with classic joke

Dylan Horetski
vindaaris twitchInstagram: Vindaaris/Twitch

Twitch streamer ‘Vindaaris’ hilariously raged at his stream viewers after they managed to play a classic joke on the streamer in chat. 

It’s not uncommon for Twitch streamers to be tricked by their chat in some way, whether it be through donation messages or group orchestrated chat text.

We’ve even seen high-profile creators like Ludwig and Lil Uzi Vert fall into a viewer’s joke thanks to donation messages being read by a bot the streamer has installed on their stream.

However, Vindaaris’ viewers decided to get him with a joke through a chat message while the creator streamed the game ‘Marbles.’ After the Twitch streamer realized what happened, he wasn’t too happy with himself.

marbles on stream Steam: Marbles on Stream
Marbles on Stream is a free game on Steam that allows you to interract with your Twitch chat.

Vindaaris rages after chat played a joke on him

Popular Twitch game ‘Marbles on Stream’ places viewers into a race across a set of maps, with various commands being able to be used in chat.

As one of Vindaaris’ viewers typed “!target Joe” in chat, they were hoping to play a joke on the streamer. Vindaaris said: “Target Joe? Who the f**k is Joe?”

Quickly realizing his mistake as his chat spammed “Joe Mama,” he raged at his viewers. He said: “Ah f**k, I f**king know stop stop stop. F**king stop it chat… I’m done. I’m done. I hate you guys so much, man. I literally thought there was someone in this chat named Joe.”

He continued: “I’ve never in my life fallen for a Joe Mama joke. I hate you so much.”

Vindaaris finished his rant by joking that he was going to “quit” his stream as he began to thank his viewers for hanging out and switched his screen to indicate he was leaving.

However, the Twitch streamer quickly returned to the game — but not without raging at his viewers some more.