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Entertainment • Jun 05, 2019

Twitch streamer has priceless reaction to world’s biggest penis

Twitch streamer has priceless reaction to world’s biggest penis
Pixabay / Twitch: RAYZEC

Twitch streamer 'RAYZEC' got quite the surprise after she decided to search the internet for the world's biggest penis, and was even more shocked by the video.


If you’ve ever wondered how large the world’s biggest dick is but don’t want to risk searching it, female streamer RAYZEC has done the job for you so that you don’t have to.

In her June 4 broadcast, the streamer took to Google to satisfy her curiosities, and was seemingly surprised by the results, saying, “18.9 inch… wait, what?!”

Twitch: RAYZEC
RAYZEC's reaction was priceless.


“Man with the biggest penis in the world registered disabled as half meter member needs own pillow,” RAYZEC read, as she looks at a news article on the guy.

“NO!” she shouted suddenly, recoiling away from the screen, “NO! NO! Wait, there’s a video! No! Oh my God. There’s a video. There’s a video. He’s unzipping his pants.”

The blonde beauty watched in horror with her hands covering her mouth in shock, as what we assume is the man’s member is shown on her screen.

She couldn't stop watching though and refuses to look away for at least 20 seconds, clearly either fascinated and/or horrified by its giant size.


It’s a mystery as to why she wanted to look that up in the first place, but her viewers apparently felt sympathy for the man, with one commenting, “I feel bad for that 18 inch dick. Who wants to fuck that?”

Lots of NSFW content ends up on Twitch

You'd be surprised at just how much sexual content ends up on the platform, even though it has a strict non-explicit content policy.

One unnamed streamer took it to another level during their June 3 video, after they accidentally broadcasted audio of themselves having sex with their female partner.

The streamer was playing Tom Clancy's The Division 2 before quitting to fornicate with their lover, leaving the screen on a server timeout error message.

Twitch banned the user permanently after a few minutes, but it was already too late for viewers.

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