Twitch streamer pleads for support after hacker allegedly gets account banned - Dexerto

Twitch streamer pleads for support after hacker allegedly gets account banned

Published: 2/Apr/2022 7:40 Updated: 2/Apr/2022 6:37

by Brad Norton


A partnered Twitch streamer allegedly had their broadcast hacked while live, leading to some explicit content being put on display to cause a ban and have the channel removed.

We’ve seen Twitch accounts suspended from the platform for a wide range of reasons over the years. Whether it’s saying something out of line like ‘simp’ or cracker,’ or toeing the line with edgy content, multiple channels are often flagged every week for some form of violation.

At times, however, these suspensions or outright bans can be completely out of a streamer’s control. Such was the case on April 1, when a partnered streamer by the name of ‘Ashdog’ ran into some bad luck.


Despite starting their day with what appeared to be a laid-back Minecraft stream, things soon took a turn for the worse. This partner allegedly had their account hacked mid-stream, which soon ended in disaster.

“Hey Twitch Support,  I need your help,” Ashdog said on Twitter, five hours after going live. “My stream got hacked and now they are streaming on my channel.”

Within a matter of minutes, this alleged hack saw a range of explicit content appear on stream. Dozens of viewers verified these claims across social media, suggesting this material was not shown by choice.

Given this content was in direct violation of the Twitch terms of service, the account was quickly taken down. “I just got f***ing banned,” the streamer confirmed.


While there’s no telling exactly how an alleged hacker accessed Ashdog’s account, the punishment remains in effect nonetheless. Twitch has suspended the account “for a week,” but there’s a chance an appeal could see this lifted much sooner.

Despite joking about the situation with memes and laughing at the ironic timing on April Fool’s day, the streamer remains without a response from Twitch at the time of writing.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here if the ban is overturned early in the coming days.