Twitch streamer performs hilarious shaving challenge due to huge donations

by Matt Porter


Streamer Mizkif has completed an incredibly funny shaving request set by members of his chat after receiving huge donations.


Mizkif was streaming on Monday, January 14, when huge donations came flooding in, asking him to shave his eyebrows.

After a little back and forth, Mizkif received a $4,000 donation requesting him to do it, and with that kind of money on the line, the streamer obliged, grabbing an electric trimmer and going to town on his eyebrows, much to the delight of his chat.


Deciding not to settle with just the eyebrows, and with subscribers flooding in, Mizkif decided to go for a “full egg transformation”, grabbing the razor once again and shaving off his hair.

With his hair and eyebrows removed, Mizkif went into an impassioned speech declaring that his new look was the true version of himself, telling his chat: “We just went full egg-mode for the first time. This is the real me chat, this is the real me.

“You’re experiencing me in the flesh - maybe to much flesh, I think I fucked up in the back. This is the beginning. You can’t see how excited I am because I can’t move my eyebrows, but damn I feel good.”


While Twitch can often see a lots of donations, a couple of truly massive donations have taken place on the streaming platform in recent weeks.

On January 10, streamer Exotic Chaotic received a $75,000 donation, while Runescape streamer Sick_Nerd received $73,000 worth of BitCoin on January 11.