Twitch streamer PENTA bamboozles internet after inviting a “chef” to cook for him

Twitch streamer PENTA bamboozles internet after inviting a "chef" to cook for himTwitch: PENTA

Twitch streamer PENTA bamboozled his friends and everyone on the internet by inviting a fake chef to join his cooking stream and staging a heated confrontation that almost led to a brawl.

PENTA is a popular Twitch streamer known for his GTA RP streams, where he has crossed paths with Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel multiple times.

However, he does IRL streams from time to time, but none have captivated the internet as much as his latest one.

It all started when he hired a “chef” to join him and his friends in a cooking stream. However, it got a little awkward when he asked him to hang around until midnight, much to the disgruntled and obnoxious chef’s dismay.

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Tensions continued to rise, and the chef’s attitude worsened as the stream went on, which nearly led to an altercation. PENTA told him to use a toothpick to “get the sh*t out of his teeth” because he talked “so much sh*t.”

“Wow, you really want to go f**king there?” said the chef. “You’re lucky that we’re in your house right now. Let’s leave it at that.”

“We can go out to my f**king yard if you want,” replied PENTA. “Is that where you want to go? Because you can leave my f**king house and go to my f**king yard.”

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From there, the situation intensified even further. People watching the stream were glued to their seats.

They had no idea it was fake, and neither did PENTA’s friends, who desperately tried to de-escalate the situation and wanted to end the stream.

Then, right when the drama reached its climax, PENTA told them the truth. “He’s an actor,” he said before bursting out in laughter in unison with the chef.

His friends watched in awe as the two of them shook hands and laughed. “He’s a f**king actor, not a chef.”

They weren’t the only ones who got fooled. The internet was shocked to learn the truth and commended them both for playing everyone like a fiddle.

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“Penta is actually a good f**king actor,” wrote one fan. “It looked like he wanted to kill him.”

It’s not all that surprising since PENTA showed off his acting skills once before in a brief appearance on the Jerry Springer show.

But it’s fair to say that he had everyone fooled and has won himself some new fans for the prank.