Twitch streamer PandaTV in ER after long subathon stream

Lawrence Scotti

PandaTV was in hour 13 of a Twitch subathon stream for charity when something felt off, landing him in the emergency room. He has now warned other streamers of the risks.

PandaTV is a World of Warcraft streamer, known for defeating Ludwig’s streamathon record of 840 hours. On September 10, he was attempting a 24-hour stream for charity. The charity, RUOK, is a suicide prevention organization and Panda was out to help their cause.

Sadly, halfway through the stream, he started to feel “off”, ending the stream early and landing himself in the hospital.

PandaTV currently has over 170k Twitch followers, and a streaming record.

PandaTV’s health scare on stream

Towards the end of the stream, Panda was complaining of pain in the back of his knee and arm and told his viewers he had to end the stream early to take care of the issue.

Later that same day, he posted a video update from the ER. He said the doctors aren’t exactly sure what’s wrong, and that they suspect a blood clot among other possible ailments.

Panda also explained that he still wasn’t sure if the long streaming hours caused the health issue. “I don’t know if the 2 are connected yet but just insane be safe.”

He has provided a handful of updates since the tweet, but still nothing yet on exactly what caused his hospitalization.

His friend and fellow Twitch streamer Asmongold replied to the tweet saying, “Love you dude, wishing you the best recovery possible.”