Twitch streamer explains how most-popular personalities are 'faking it'

by Brad Norton
Twitch: jonzherka / Twitch


Firing shots at the biggest names on Twitch, controversial streamer Jon Zherka outlined how those at the very top of the content creation game are supposedly ‘faking’ their personalities.

Taking issue with some of the most popular streamers on the Amazon-owned platform, Zherka recently outlined how he believes Twitch streamers only grow on the site due to their ‘fake’ personalities. 

In order to increase their viewership, he argues that content creators hide their true selves and ramp things up in order to appeal to the masses, with the biggest names being the fakest of all.

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The most-popular individual streamers are often boasting tens of thousands of unique viewers.


Having jumped into a recent broadcast of Twitch partner Steven 'Destiny' Bonnell, Zherka was drawn in by the comments of one viewer in particular that claimed to know the intricacies of being a popular streamer. 

“Basically, it takes a certain kind of individual to be a streamer,” they expressed in Destiny’s chat. “You cannot be fake, you just can’t do it.”

Taking issue with the comment from the viewer, however, Zherka rejected that notion and explained why he believes the exact opposite to be true.

“What are you talking about? The whole platform is fake," he said. "The echelons of this f***ing website...the higher up you go the faker they get.”


Rather than rattling off specific names that sit atop Twitch on a daily-basis like Felix 'xQc' Lengyel or Imane 'Pokimane' Anys for instance, Zherka cast a wide net and targetted every marquee name on the platform.

“It starts with 50 people looking at you put a mask on,” he explained, beginning to detail precisely how Twitch streamers grow in popularity. “Then it turns to 100 and they see the mask slip but you get better at keeping it on.”

While almost everyone begins their tenure on the platform with a small following, he imposes the idea that no one is able to grow without acting and playing-up a fake persona, hence the mask-based analogy. 

“When you’re at a thousand [viewers] you’ve got the perfect mask and only your core fans remember who you really were,” he added.

While Zherka specifically targeted Twitch, he may also hold these opinions about those on Mixer and YouTube as well.


Despite his controversial outlook on the site, he regularly goes live on Twitch and has accrued well over 70,000 followers along the way. 

Not the first time that Zherka has taken issue with the platform though, he also slammed Twitch for supposedly being biased toward female streamers.