Twitch streamer mortified as chat plays fart noises while cops pull him over live

Virginia Glaze
Twitch streamers chat spams fart sounds during traffic stopTwitch: YungFika

IRL Twitch streamer ‘YungFika’ was left somewhat amused and totally embarrassed after his chat spammed fart noises and other sound effects as he was being pulled over by police.

IRL Twitch streams are hotbeds for chaos. Capturing genuine moments as they happen in real time, Twitch has given viewers a slew of hilarious and shocking clips from real-life broadcasts over the years.

From stream snipers pretending to be NPCs in the background of influencers’ broadcasts to capturing actual thefts and car accidents live, these kinds of streams always promise the unexpected.

That’s why, when verified Swedish Twitch streamer YungFika got pulled over by police during an August 9 driving broadcast, it wasn’t long before his own chat sabotaged him.

yungfika bucket hatInstagram: love200o
Twitch streamer YungFika was sabatoged by his chat during a traffic stop.

While he was handing over his license to law enforcement officers, his viewers started playing noises that they can activate to sound over his speakers.

At first, it was just one or two sounds — the “bruh” meme and a “bonk” noise to express the awkwardness of being pulled over while hundreds of people are watching.

Then, things took a turn for the hilarious; Fika’s chat started spamming fart noises over and over, prompting some conversation between the officer and the streamer before Fika ultimately pulled his phone over and begged his chat to be quiet.

The chat, themselves, were also at odds, with some urging their fellow viewers to keep it down while others couldn’t help but laugh.

Luckily, nothing bad happened, and Fika was free to go, even saying that he found the incident quite humorous. Apparently, he had hooked his phone up to a loud speaker, which was responsible for the loud volume of the reverberating toots.

“They literally f**king followed me dude, it’s so f**ked up,” he explained in between fart noises. “Don’t worry, I think it’s f**king funny! …they were walking around the car laughing, bro!”

It seems like everything is alright in Fika’s neck of the woods — but this isn’t the craziest moment captured from a streamer’s driving broadcast by far, as one streamer’s van window literally exploded while they were driving on the highway.